Closed: (Sold!) HFC Pro: High Fidelity Cables Professional Series magnetic power cable
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For elite audiophiles only! The HFC Pro is among the most extreme power cables in existence, with massive magnets, gorgeous connectors and permalloy conductors.

The original MSRP was $23,050...but I can go significantly lower for the used market value of the trade.

I would be especially interested in trading for high-end headphones, but feel free to PM me any offer. (Including a trade plus cash on your end. I'm not opposed to selling it either. I've been parting with lots of gear to restructure my system.)

This thing can dramatically improve every aspect of the sound. Insane resolution and realism. Many HFC users (of even their more affordable cables) insist that their magnetic conduction technology makes a bigger difference than many component upgrades.

It's ideal to place it upstream (such as powering a distributor, music server or DAC) so it benefits everything downstream.

HFC products will be harder to find now, as the company closed this year. (Due to the pandemic causing supply chain problems.)

It is 2.4 meters long, has American / 15A connectors, and is in excellent overall condition, with some scuffs here and there.

It will be shipped double boxed in thick bubble wrap via FedEx Home Delivery with insurance. (USA only.)

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Listed: 2022-05-01
Last edited: 2022-05-30
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