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Original owner, includes all original boxes and accessories, about 3 years old. They retail at $3700.
Outstanding condition, well fed and cared for, cleaned only with special micro-fiber cloths to maintain finish and remove dust and fingerprints. No dings, scratches or other blemishes (although a few micro swirlies are inevitable with the piano gloss but they don't photograph and can't be seen unless right up close in bright sunlight).
Only thing of note, one of the little red rubber bands Canton uses to demarcate the "+" on one of the rear terminals on one speaker has been lost (see second to last pic of rear panel). A few light marks on undersides where it contacted the stand.

Since these aren't well-known in USA, Canton is Germany's #1 speaker maker and Europe's #2 overall. They don't have extensive distribution in the States which is a pity because they are outstanding. The 9K is the stand-mounter in their top of the line Reference K series. Hand-made in Germany, employs lots of cool tech and exotic materials you can read about on Canton website:

These are incredibly neutral-sounding speakers that lack colorations. They sound incredibly "right" and lifelike with a natural tone that isn't extra glossy or syrupy or sugar-coated "hi-fi".
They really show the differences between recordings without being analytical or clinical.
Part of their magic is almost any recording can sound good to great through these speakers, I have yet to find one that was utterly unlistenable on these, yet they always give you the truth with excellent detail/resolution.
Although they are simple 2-way speakers they can really get down and boogie. Canton claims 25Hz extension, and I would doubt that unless I heard them myself. Not quite floor-stander levels of bass but fantastic for a monitor. It can pump and snap too, keeps your head nodding.
Treble is extended and clear but utterly non-fatiguing. It is smooth but capable of delivering texture when called on. I am overly sensitive to treble fatigue and HATE sibilance. The 9K has ZERO sibilance, best I've heard in that regard, you will not be distracted by it if that is issue for you too.
The soundstage is the widest I've ever had in my system, it extends very far left to right.
They are able to fill up an overly large room where other comparable stand-mounters failed.

In my many years in hi-fi this speaker is in my top 5 buys, they are high-value even at full retail price.
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Listed: 2023-05-29
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Hangin' with the monkeys.
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