Sold: [Sold] Audio Technica L5000 limited flagship
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Hi everyone,

I'd like to sell the AT L5000 in very good condition. It's one of the best headphones that I've owned (I've owned quite a number of flagships. Please check my selling lists and welcome questions on my impressions). The L5000 is the AT's latest flagship with only 500 units produced. Selling because I'm partially quitting this hobby and I don't have much time to enjoy it.

Be aware that the L5000 isn't like AT's classic headphones with a warm and lush sound signature. It's more on the bright side with very impressive clarity and transparency. Check out the headphone impression from the thread below.

Shipping is on me. NYC local pickup receives a $150 discount. I'm busy with work in the daytime so I usually reply to PMs at night. Feel free to ask me questions.

Pictures uploaded. Note that some original packaging parts such as the big paper box are not included in the pictures. But the original packaging will be shipped to the buyer for sure.

I would also consider trades for a PS2000e in good condition plus cash, and other rare and interesting headphones. Let me know what you wanna offer.

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Listed: 2021-09-25
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