Closed: SOLD Audeze LCD-4 (Still with more than a year of warranty left)
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LCD-4 bought from an authorized reseller (HiFi-Heaven, Green Bay, WI June 5th 2021 Order ID 55253) registered with Audeze serial number: 4143050.

Selling the Ampersand separately.

Reason I am selling is that my job situation. Have to start travelling again and Audeze is a bit large for travelling so bought Shure KSE1500 instead.

Headphones comes with brand new pads $90 (the present ones are like new but just bought it for the future), Audeze leather treatment oil, new side grilles $80 (again, my "OCD" made me order new ones in case I scratched the present ones before they go out of stock. Present ones like new but nice to have. Comes with Moon-Audio cable and stock cable, original box with gloves and certificate of ownership, a brand new stand and a smaller pouch to carry them in (see photo). I will delete my registration at when paid for.

I also bought a pair of plastic covers to make them closed instead of open. Never used them but supposed to give a punchier bass.

Non smoking home.

You pay for shipping the way you want and all PayPal fees.
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Listed: 2022-03-13
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