Sold: ** SOLD ** AK SP2000 SS plus 1TB plus 4.4 adapter + Miter EDC box
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For Sale  1,950.00 GBP
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Astell & Kern SP 2000 SS

Price reduced to £1,950

Mint condition - no marks or scratches, original screen protector front and back.

With original packaging, original wooden box, original leather case and all accessories.

Genuine 1TB Sandisk to Extreme Pro micro sd card (£££s)

Currently 72k tracks about 40% hi-res. Can be wiped before dispatch or I can leave that for you to do after you test the DAP.

Effect Audio balanced 4.4 adaptor (£££s)

Miter every day carry box (dual compartment with built in stand. (££s)

Paypal and insured shipping charges on me to anywhere in the world. (££)
Listed by: jaykay1967 (32)
Listed: 2021-04-18
Last edited: 2021-05-07
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Headphoneus Supremus
Not selling to a brand new member who set up their account yesterday, within a few hours of the lowball clown being turned away.
Jay, it may be worth listing this on eBay. I'm pretty sure this will get snatched up pretty fast on there. If you have an account, they usually send through offers every Friday to your message inbox (you won't get notification of it when they do) for offers like "maximum £1 final selling fees". It's been a life saver for me when selling audio gear as the normal fees are extortionate. This way you will only have to pay eBay £1 if it sells and whatever the PayPal percentage is (3% I think).



100+ Head-Fier
Can't believe I missed this at £1900. In Huddersfield too. DOH!


100+ Head-Fier
There are some OK folks in this community. it all went to the new buyer.

When presented with a gift horse by another who needs cash they say thanks very much and chalk it up to it being their lucky day.

Others, see it as open season to take the piss and low ball even further.