Sold: (SOLD) 7hZ Timeless IEM 3.5mm [as new]
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For Sale  175.00 EUR
Excellent/Like new
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For sale, excellent sample of 7Hz timeless IEM (3.5mm version). These have been measured professionally and show excellent channel matching.
You can find EQ based for these specific measurements of this specific IEM here.

You are buying an IEM that has been used for measuring and some hours of listening. It is practically new. The protective seal is still on the casing (not peeled off). no scuffs / marks. You can be 100% sure that it is performs exactly as intended since it shows no flaw of any kind,
and can fiddle with/try out the purpose made EQ profiles right away.

Price is 175EUR including tracked shipping within the EU.

Listed by: Baten (10)
Listed: 2022-02-04
Last edited: 2022-02-05
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