Closed: Snake River Audio Boomslang AES/EBU Cable
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Up for sale is my Snake River Audio Boomslang AES/EBU cable. This is an excellent sounding cable that has amazing detail, clarity, tone with a hint of warmth even though it's an all silver cable. I was using this cable in my second setup, which included a SU-6 and the full XIAudio stack. The cable is 1.37 meters in length, which many say is the length needed to avoid RFI interference and other nasty artifacts that effect sound. It will come in original packaging and with a certificate of authenticity. This is one of the newer version with the snake skin on the connector ends, very cool! I'm asking $500 dollars and that includes fees and shipping. I'm also open to offers. Here are a few pics:

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Listed: 2022-01-28
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I can confirm snake river audio cables are the real deal, and super eye-catching. GLWS bud


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