Sold: Smyth Research Realiser A16 Preorder #66
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Looking to sell my preorder spot #66

James confirmed you would get the full warranty and would be able to assume my spot in line.

Payment #1: 12/31/2016; $700, Paypal Transaction ID: 3BY71519TT751983J
Initial 50% deposit. Pre-order #66

Payment #2: 3/29/2017; $875, PayPal Transaction ID: 6L60940490699694U
Deposit 2/2, $50 for head tracker, $65 for shipping.

Realiser A16 = $750 2nd head tracker = $65 Shipping = $60 Total = $875

Total is $1575

* Shipping is to the USA

Listed by: Litlgi74 (18)
Listed: 2022-04-17


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Pm'd a bit ago :).


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I've received several inquiries about my pre-order spot and when it will be delivered.

Honestly, I don't know the answer.

The best thing way to find out is to contact James at

Fortunately, I know of others who have transferred the preorder status with no problem. So this transfer should problem either.


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Sold... I usually get excited and miss the "Sold" as well.