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I'm looking to buy Shure SE-846 bronze. Mine was sadly stolen three weeks ago along with a FiiO LC RE Pro 2022 & LC RC cable. I miss my 846 so I'm looking to buy one again. I paid $300 for a used one a few months back hence the $300 offer to buy. Thanks.
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Listed: 2023-04-02
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Sorry to hear about the theft. I have the Shure SE846 condition...hardly ever used as I needed to get hearing aids shortly after I bought these and am not able to use IEM's any longer. I have all of the original packaging and accessories along with some Knowles dampers that I never got around to trying. I can't do $300, sorry. I would let them go for $600 + shipping via USPS Priority insured to CONUS. I can send photos if needed.
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