Closed: Shure SE530 in good condition
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Hey all,

I’ve been away from Head-fi scene for a while as I’ve been quite satisfied with my older equipment for the past decade; one of these is my Shure SE530 which are finally showing signs of going kaput any day now with their cable/stress relief issues. Therefore I’d like to get another used one, of course still in good condition without their usual cable issues apparent.

Please do note that I’d like specifically the old SE530’s ONLY; I’m well aware of the existence of the newer 535’s and the Aonic 5’s but the form factor of those unfortunately do not get a good or comfortable fit inside my ears due to how they’re angled (I’ve tried to get them to work but can’t), and I sort of prefer the older look and the more treble-muted sound of the SE530’s as well. I’d also like the newer revision model of them that at least tried to address their cable issues, which can be found by looking at the serial # on the y-split (in format of: #### SE530), so if you are not sure you can just let me know of the serial and I’ll figure it out. I’m in Toronto, Canada, and have extensive feedback from here, canuck audio mart (though I haven’t had a transaction at either for a while) as well as ebay if you need them.

For those of you that have the older SE530’s in good, babied condition that you’d like to get rid of, do PM me your offers. Thanks in advance!
Listed by: K_19 (58)
Listed: 2021-03-31
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