Sold: "Shiny Eyes" Custom 300B Amp built by Radu
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This is a custom 300B amp build by Radu, it's the best headphone amp I've owned and can also drive efficient speakers extremely well. Details and technical specs can be found here: The amp I'm selling is actually the amp shown pictured on that page.

The amp will ship with two matched pairs of C3G tubes, two Mullard 5AR4 and pair of PSVANE ACME 300B. Value of those tubes alone is ~$1500 and the 300B's have less than 200 hrs on them.

The amp is very heavy at ~60 lbs and shipping costs are not included in the listed price. At this time I'm only willing to ship within the US.
Listed by: tkam (12)
Listed: 2022-06-15
Last edited: 2022-10-20
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