Sold: Shanling M6 (2021) with case, like new, 7 mos. warranty remaining
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This is an excellent/like new Shanling M6 2021 that I received as a warranty replacement for a unit that was purchased from Musicteck in May.

This unit is great. So why am I selling? Well, the idea behind the whole purchase was that I could treat this as a transportable Roon endpoint playing primarily Tidal MQA. But after I got the whole thing set up, I discovered that Roon's engineers, fed up with the Android audio stack, automatically resample everything regardless of the device's actual capabilities, thereby breaking MQA.

MQA works from within the Tidal app, and Qobuz's app works fine. But Roon, the app for which I was buying, not so much. So my ignorance can be your profit! As long as you're not looking for a Roon endpoint that will play your MQA tracks at higher-than-CD resolution.

Screen protectors are already applied on both sides, so the glass may look a little funky in the photos. In person, it looks great, except for a tiny bubbled area on the back, which would be concealed inside the case.

The sale includes all the stuff that came with both the DAP and the case: DAP unit, USB-C cable, Warranty pamphlet, User Guide pamphlet, the case, both DAP and case box. I will also include the original invoice from May and the warranty replacement invoice, so that the purchaser will have all supporting documentation for the warranty.

Price includes shipping to United States addresses. I am eating the PayPal fees.
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Listed: 2021-10-18
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