Sold: Sennheiser HD800 with Corpse Cable and pleather pads
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I bought these used from someone on here years ago, they've been my only headphone and I've enjoyed them immensely. I purchased the French resonator mod and installed them. Couldn't really tell a difference. I uninstalled them and still couldn't hear a difference so I just left them out. I will include them with the sale. The original owner only sent me a Corpse Cable headphone cable, not the stock. The Corpse Cable is 4.5', high quality mogami wire and nice 1/4" TRS. It's a nice cable, functional, I have not compared it to any other cable. The stock ear pads are worn. They're not TERRIBLE, if you wanted you could try them out with the stock pads and see if the leather ear pads I replaced them with change the sound much. I didn't notice a big difference except maybe slightly more airiness on the stock pads, but for convenience reasons the pleather was the way to go for me. I tried taking as accurate pictures as I could. There's a few scuffs here and there, some of the silver paint wearing off, but at a glance these headphones still look really sharp. I do not have any of the original packaging, these will be packaged carefully.

$650 shipped conus, willing to ship international but buyer pays shipping.

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Listed: 2021-03-28
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500+ Head-Fier
Very good deal in my opinion.