Closed: Sennheiser HD600 first production black paper
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For sale is a first production Sennheiser HD600 from 1997. It has the original black paper baffles and includes the original sale receipt dated to August of 1997.

I have owned dozens of Sennheisers including every variant of the HD600, HD650 and HD580. For my ears these were the best pair, beating even the limited HD580 Jubilee which preceded them. There is no shout, they can actually produce sub-bass and rumble, the highs have a beautiful shimmer and airiness. They made regular vintage HD600s and HD650s sound dark, slow and closed in.

The headphones are in good shape, the earpads still have plenty of life left. Only the headband padding has deflated but I actually prefer it this way, it is more comfortable to wear for long periods without hotspots on the head.

My asking price includes shipping to North America but I can ship worldwide. I am exiting the headphone hobby and will be listing all my collectibles. For the Sennheiser collector and HD600 fan, this is as good as it gets.

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Listed: 2022-06-13
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there now it is sold. was a good deal. who knows how much you will have to spend to find a special hd600 like this one.

I would've bought it myself if I didn't have a unicorn hd800
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I cant explain in words how excited i am to have this set in my possession. I was just talking to my friend two days ago about how my ideal 600 would be a set from the 90s. I figured this was a one in a million chance of finding one, so i settled for a original eggshell 600 of unknown vintage two days ago. It has not even shipped yet when some one brought this set to m y attention and I just had to do. I now have two that will be on their way to me, but no doubt this will be the one ill be keeping forever.