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Hi all! I ordered 2 extra of these by mistake and I'm past the return period (I forgot about these), so here they are for sale - OEM Sennheiser 3.5mm to 6.35mm (or 1/8" to 1/4") adapter, part number 549346, still sealed in packaging. I have 2 for sale, this listing is for 1. These are extremely high quality; easily the best I've ever seen.

Price new is $10. Currently packed up and ready to ship next business day!

Important Terms: Not interested in any trades. Price is plus shipping (will be cheap) and I'll cover the PayPal fee! I will ONLY ship to a confirmed address in the US, absolutely NO freight forwarding addresses, NO exceptions. My feedback here is perfect, and you can also see my eBay feedback, username is mp360cs. Any questions let me know!
Listed by: mk351e (27)
Listed: 2022-09-11
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Haha, great catch buddy! While this is admittedly a copy/paste oversight on my part, I'll tell you this since you're kind of new - I've NEVER listed something on head-fi and didn't have somebody offer to trade me some completely random stuff that I have no interest in, despite explicitly stating I'm not interested in trades.

You should follow me though; I may provide more entertainment for you in the future! Keep digging through the classifieds and you'll find LOTS more funny stuff, like people trying to sell used and/or poorly modded gear for more than it costs new! There's so much to see here, enjoy buddy!!
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I'll bite, just because the screw on one for my HD600 is missing. Message incoming.