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Hi guys. Please be alert as some Head-fi accounts to some very well know and trusted members have been hacked!

I fell victim to this (my fault) on Saturday evening when @moedawg140 account was hacked. Thinking it was the actual @moedawg140 doing the selling , I foolishly sent $700 (ouch!!!) via Zelle payment which is a definite no-no regardless of who's doing the selling.

I talked to my bank but unfortunately there's nothing to be done except for me to learn a costly lesson. Now I'm out that money and no way to get it back, so please be on the lookout for anybody selling on here requesting to be payed via other unsecured forms of payment.

Also, I just learned that @money4me247 account was also hacked yesterday I believe.
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Listed: 2021-04-26
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Thanks for the information. :thumbsup::thumbsup:


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Yep I contacted this hacked account yesterday about the Ether 2 for $900 and immediately declined after they requested payment via Zelle or Skrill. The account now has clear warnings that it was hacked and payments should only be made via PayPal G&S for buyer/seller protection.


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thanks for letting us know. i always pay through american express. they have better customer service than the bank


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:frowning2: I'm sorry to hear that...thanks for sharing the info.

hm...i wish the classifieds would prevent scammers from deleting all the info from listing after it's changed to closed/sold and disappear with someone's money