Traded: Rupert Neve Headphone Amp
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For Sale / Trade  400.00 USD
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Up for sale is a much loved RNHP; I am the second owner, I purchased the unit in April of 2021 from the original owner who purchased it one year before that, so the unit is approximately two years old now and remains in excellent condition. Inspect the face of the unit in the photo, you'll see I've placed light dims over the lights (they remove easily and do not leave behind any residue after removal), and there's also a mark on the volume knob. The mark is actually just a dust mark I was not aware of when taking the photo, the amp is pristine.

I’m listing the amp for $400 flat, Paypal fees and shipping are included. I’ll be shipping the amp in it's original box with power cable. Proceeding with sale, I will request your email, I will send you a Paypal invoice, Goods and Services, please; I will make sure it is shipped out within two business days and will leave you a tracking number.

I'm primarily looking to sale the amp, however, I'm also open to equal trade offers, and would be willing to sell for $300 and a Burson V6 Classic Dual Opamp (or two single opamps). Also, if someone has a good condition K501, or Grado RS2x, I'd be especially interested in negotiating a trade.

Thanks for looking :wink:
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Listed: 2022-03-14
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