Closed: Quicksilver Audio Headphone Amp w/ Extra Tubes
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For sale is my Quicksilver Headphone Amplifier with upgraded capacitors, purchased not long ago.

The upgrade enhanced bass extension, speed, and dynamics; it also improved spaciousness, transparency, and detail over the stock configuration. The common hum issue in Quicksilvers is also fixed. I included the stock new production Mullard CV4004/12AX7 input tubes and JJ Electronics EL84 output tubes, as well as upgrade output tubes: a matched pair of Tungsram EL84s & NOS 1960s Amperex EL84s($200 value).

Power cable and user manual will be included, and the amp itself will be packaged like a tank.

Also willing to trade for a dragon inspire iha-1
Listed by: IceSeven (31)
Listed: 2022-05-17
Last edited: 2022-05-28
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