Quadruple deck Alps RK50
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Available is a very unibtainium potentiometer for numerous, or "multiple" balanced operation dynamic amplifier pairs or electrostatic Equipment.

These take at least 5 months lead time to obtain and are 750 new.

This listing is also available,
Also listed on DiyA.

Thank you for all interested parties and buyers.

May the force be with you and your lively adoration of the diy projects complementing the item enjoyably fruit. Plentiful and robustly.

Any student of electronic DiY interested in the Quad Deck Alps R-K50 potentiometer.

Warmed Regds.

Cheers to all Intrigued and thank you @ your eyes fixing these letters to Meaningful Corroborative profligacies!

THE AMPLIFIER- CALIGULA, imperfect and nortiously imp\Reasurable!!!

Innocuous Lister
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Listed: 2022-05-18
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