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Hi all,

I have a pair of Quad ERA-1 that are not getting as much use nowadays, and I am about to move, so I'm downsizing (also selling Sony MDR-Z7 and Eddie Current ZDT Jr). I got a great deal on these in hardly used condition, so now you can get an even better deal. These are nice planars with a smooth and somewhat relaxed midrange, but still maintain treble detail.

My pair is in very good condition, however the cables have a fabric cover, and the fabric likes to have some tiny frayed ends, shown in pics. Additionally the top part of the retail box is missing, I have no idea how that happened, but I will ensure it is packaged to arrive safely. Build quality is awesome, and otherwise these are in great condition, and come with all included accessories. This means the stock cable, both sets of stock earpads, and hard zippered travel case. I really am looking to sell these, but I could be convinced to trade if you have something that interests me.

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Listed: 2021-04-19
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