Sold: [Price Drop!]LSA HP-Diamond With Extras
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Would be willing to trade for an open back ZMF headphone.

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Finally, after 2+ months I am posting part 2 of my sell off to cover medical debt. Sorry it too so long. I have been busy super busy with appointments and trying to get things covered.Hey everyone! Got some good news. I got approved for a kidney transplant by the Surgery team. Now I just need to see the the Nephrology team to get approved by them than I can go active on the transplant list!

People outside of the USA message me about shipping and we can try and work something out.

All Prices Include shipping, with in the USA, and PayPal fees!

LSA HP-Diamond: Bought these new from UnderWood in March, 2022. In excellent condition. I believe they are B-stock due to the color of the wood going from light to dark. I really love the look of the multi color wood cups. I've put about 40 hours on them. they come with a $350 upgrade cable made out of litz copper, gold, and silver. The current pads installed on them are the ELC-02 pads. They come with an extra set of ECL-01 pads which make them much more neutral sounding overall. They also come with a Pleather carrying case and the stock 1/4" cable: $1800 $1750 $1650 $1600

More Photos:

r/AVexchange - [WTS][USA-ND][H]Covering Medical Debt Pt.2! (LSA HP-1, LSA HP-Diamond, Kennerton Rognir Dynamic, Kennerton Gjallarhorn GH40, TH 900, Philphone, Audio-GD NFB-1.38, Pi2aes, Heart Audio Cables) [W] PayPal
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I love my LSA HP Diamonds, and this is an excellent price, best of luck with the sale, nd more importantly, your health!


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Cheers mate, best of luck with the kidney!