Closed: [Price Drop!] Headphones and some accessories Help Me Pay Off My Medical Debt. TH 900, Denon AH-D9200, Philphone, HD 8XX, HE-R7DX JM, JM 50mm, TH-900 Cups
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Hey guy,
I gathered a fair bit of medical debt over the last few months after getting Covid which cause me to go into kidney failure. Being that I live in the USA and we have privatized health care, even with insurance. I still ended up with quite a bit of medical debt. So, now I have to sell off most of my collection to cover the costs of my treatments. I will be posting more stuff at the start of the next year. So be on look out for those.

All prices included shipping and PayPal fees!

Denon AH-D9200 With 3 cables:
Comes with 3 cables. Has a couple of small marks on the metal around the cup other than that they are in fantastic shape: $1000 SOLD!
Denon AH-D9200 pictures:

Heavily modified Fostex TH-900 Lawton Mark 4 Museum Quality African Rose wood:

These headphones have been heavily modified. I replaced the drivers with the MK2 TH-900 Drivers. They have also be modded by @John Massaria on top of the Lawton full upgrade. The wood is a lot darker than the pictures show not sure why it is so light in the photos. There are also a couple of cosmetic marks on the metal around the cups. the cups are in prefect condition with no cosmetic flaws. They also come with a hard case: $1100 $1000
Fostex TH900 pictures:

Philphone TH900 Drivers With custom painted grills and Baffles:

The excellent TH900 Driver Philphone. Custom made my a Reddit user in small batches. Mine are the latest version with the balanced output upgrade and ustom painted grills and driver baffles. The grills are Orange and the Baffles are Blue. They come with the stock pads, ZMF Ori Perforated leather pads, Stock pads, and Dekoni Replacment pads(forgot to take pictures of the other pads but they are included). Like new condition: $850 $800
Philphone Pictures:

Drop + Sennheiser HD 8XX:

These are brand new used only once for about 5 minutes to make sure they work. They come stock with the 1/4" cable. Save some money over drop while still getting a new pair of headphones: $800 $750 SOLD!
Drop + Sennheiser HD 8XX Pictures:

HE-R&DX JM OCD Stealth Extreme + Bass Edition with R9 Headband upgrade: I considered this to be the very best mid-fi closed back you get for under $250. I highly recommend these for any person first step in the closed back game. Over all they are in great shape, come with the R9 headband installed. I will also send the old headband with in case you want to try it out: $190 SOLD!
HE-R7DX JM OCD Pictures:

JM Edition Open Back 50mm Dynamic:
These are also brand new headphones. They come with a lovely hardcase, 2 sets of pads(one fluffy one leather), and 2 cables(one 1/4" cable and one 4-pin XLR cable). I was given them by @John Massaria to do a review on but they couldn't fit my massive head. So I was really only able to wear them for about 30 minutes. They are a unique design made by @John Massaria. They are super dynamic and engaging just couldn't wear them since my head is so massive. I wear an 8+ hat size the headphone just barely don't fit. So long as you aren't a freak like me they will fit with out a problem. For more information on the headphones check out John's site ( $650 SOLD for $575
50mm Dynamic Pictures:

Stock Fostex TH-900 Cups:
I can't see any damage on the cups. They are beautiful and would make a fantastic upgrade to any headphone that uses the Denon/Fostex design: $180 $170 SOLD!
Cup pictures:

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100+ Head-Fier
Hope you settle that debt second, stay healthy first. Best of luck whatever your woes; merry Christmas dude :)

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