Sold: please help me clean my room sale
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Selling everything that stacked up in my room and has no usage.

everything together (for whatever reason) - 90 usd including shipping and paypal.

Sony MDR7506 - 60 usd including shipping and paypal.

3.5mm is modded.

Missing original pads, comes with velour pads instead.

Has a bit of channel imbalance.

Fiio mmcx lc 3.5 c cable - 40 usd including paypal and shipping.

2.5 to 4.4 mm random adapter - 5 usd without shipping.

All the other cables besides the ones listed bundle - 25 usd including shipping and paypal.
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Listed: 2022-01-12
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Ace Bee

Headphoneus Supremus
There are a lot of other cables without names. AAlso for sale?