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Selling an amp that doesn't need introduction. This has the same headphone amplifier than it's bigger brother Phonitor X/XE, but less special functionality (also takes less space). It comes without a dac.

One review:

"I am sufficiently enamored with the Phonitor x that I have decided to buy one; which is the highest recommendation I can give any component. It’ll replace the iFi Pro iCAN that I was previously using for solid-state duties in my primary rig."

I've been using this to run Hifiman HE6se v2 on a lowest gain (using Chord Qutest as a dac on 3V) and only very rarely went over 12 o'clock.

The product is in Finland. Price does not include potential posting or PayPal fees.
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Listed: 2022-05-25
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New Head-Fier
Price drop. Now the great Phonitor sound below 1k€!