Sold: Penon OSG 2.5/0.78
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Greetings, fellow HiFi Incorrigibles!

Penon OSG iem cable for sale.
2 pin (0.78), 2.5 balanced.
Crystal copper, silver-plated with graphene.

***Clarification: “OSG” refers to Ohno continuous cast (copper) Silver, Graphene, not Old School Gangster***
[sorry to disappoint]

I am original, only owner, purchased directly from Penon less than two years ago.
Condition is excellent (improved, even)—No nicks, oxidation, crimps, weird irregularities (been coddled).

I bought it terminated 3.5 and had Plussound change it to 2.5 balanced.
The 2 pin connectors have also been recently replaced, also by Plussound.

The plug is now gold plated (not rhodium). This may be considered a downgrade. However, Plussound components are top flight.
I had the 2 pins replaced because I caught a very slight bend in one of the originals. The Plussound 2 pins, to me, are a definite upgrade to Penon ones.
Also, Penon cables, in my experience, tend to be wound about a quarter turn too far, on either side after the cable splits, making for awkward tension when iems sit in ear. Per my ask, Plussound remedied this. Now the cables sits relaxed and correct around the ears.

That’s probably too much information about a cable but these things matter!

This is a high quality, beautiful cable which, to me, has just the right amount of heft. I prefer lighter than heavier.

Price includes PayPal fees and conus shipping. Modest discount for F&F payment, and I still pay shipping.

Thanks for looking.
I eagerly await the first lowball offer.
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Listed: 2022-04-17
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