Closed: Old AKG K701 models (SN XXXX)
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As the title implies, I'm looking to buy a few pairs of k701s with serial numbers in the 4 digits or lower (i.e. 4728, 752, 9999, 13, etc).

- The pairs must be properly working, with both transducers having the same impedance in the 60 Ohm range (you can check with an Ohmeter)
- the headband, transducer housing and side grilles must be in very good condition. I won't accept them if the little black springs (elastics) are either torn or missing
- I don't care about the cable or ear pads (they can be broken, torn, used to death, smelly, different than the original, modified, etc as I'll change them anyway, although in the case of a defective cable you'll have to prove somehow that they are still working)
- the inner foams can be missing, replaced or modified, I don't care either
- I don't care about the original box or any of its accesories as long as you find a way to properly pack them.

Please post pictures with the serial number and the overall condition of the headphones.
I live in Romania and will pay via PayPal in either USD or Euros.

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Listed: 2022-01-28
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