Closed: OFF FOR NOW: Headamp Aristaeus electrostatic amp for Stax and Senn HE90 (located in Canada)
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Rare Headamp Aristaeus electrostatic tube headphone amp
Perfect for my Stax 009/007 and older Lambdas 303, 404 that I have, and the Senn HE90/HE60 (that I don't have!). Has both Stax and HE90 plugs.
Retail is US$3999
Low hours as I have a few estat amps.
Includes stock quad matched GE ECL86 and pair JJECC83 tubes and umbilical cord
No mechanical, sonic or cosmetic issues.
Located in Toronto, Canada
SALE IS OFF FOR NOW and has dropped to CAD$3500 3400 3300 which is around US$2900 2800 2725
Price does not include shipping or PayPal fees, if any.
Listed by: makan (42)
Listed: 2021-05-08
Last edited: 2021-06-15
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Please PM if the sale situation changes. Based in Waterloo, ON, but able to drive down. Not absolutely certain I want to buy just yet, but open to start a conversation (just to set expectations).