Sold: Nova Fidelity HA500H Desktop Headphone DAC / Amp
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I'm selling an Audio Fidelity HA500H combo DAC / Headphone Amp that can switch between solid state and tube operation depending on your mood or the type of music your listening to. It uses a pair of ECC82 valves in the tube section and the DAC section comprises of 2 x ESS Sabre ES9018K2M’s– one per channel – and completely isolated circuits for the analogue and digital sections right down to using a custom toroidal transformer in the PSU. The HA500H also supports full hardware MQA decoding, DSD playback, Bluetooth receiver and balanced and single-ended headphone outputs with a power output up to 1100mw, enough to drive even the most demanding of headphones. The item has only been powered up and used for around 20 minutes to confirm full functionality as I purchased this from a production company that went in to administration and this was part of their liquidated assets: it had never been opened! There is however some scuffing to the volume button which I have shown on the the last two photos. This is purely minor cosmetic and does not affect the performance or operation of the unit in any way. The item will be sent via fully insured next day delivery. Shipping within UK only due to Brexit costs, buyer to cover PayPal fees, I'll cover shipping costs.
Listed by: Dazzert318 (22)
Listed: 2021-05-21
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