Sold: Norne Pure Copper Focal Utopia Cable
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This is a new cable that Trevor is working on. I originally ordered a Norne Zoetic, but Trevor was gracious enough to upgrade me to a newer design. I don't think there is a release date or model name for this yet. It is an 8 wire 19.8awg pure copper occ litz design. I used these for less than 20 hours, and I sold my Utopias so I no longer need it. Terminates in 4 Pin XLR.

$250 shipped to CONUS.

Listed by: thomasu (33)
Listed: 2022-03-22
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Gorgeous cable, if this was for ZMF it would be mine already. GLWS!


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Headphoneus Supremus
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Beautiful cable. Norne is my favorite headphone cable company. I already have a Silvergarde S4 for my Utopia, so I can't use it. I agree with @shwnwllms , this would be perfect for my ZMF headphones. If it were mini-xlr, I would be fighting him for it.


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Congrats on the quick sale. Now, I want one for my ZMF VC. PM me if anyone sees it for order from Norne.