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The Musician MDP-2 music server sounded better to me than the microSD card player in the $3,400+ Matrix Element X and various other players and high-end DAPs (used as digital transports). I'm selling because I need the cash.

The most expensive music server I know of is the $91,000+ LessLoss Laminar...and the MDP-2 has the same design philosophy.

It's an elegant solution that enables you to bypass so many things audiophiles spend money on to try to improve their digital audio systems, such as:

*DDCs (digital to digital converters aka digital interfaces)
*network players
*USB cables, reclockers, isolators, conditioners, etc.
*Ethernet cables, routers, switches, etc.
*power supplies
*power cables for all the extra equipment
*HDDs (hard disk drives) and SSDs (solid state drives)
*computers with high amounts of electrical noise
*exotic software
*anything involving other player types like DAPs and CD players

It plays digital audio files via an SD card (including microSD with a full-size adapter) or USB stick. The supported file formats are WAV, FLAC, APE, MP3 and DSD.

It connects to a DAC from one of its digital outputs: I2S HDMI, AES, coaxial RCA and optical Toslink. The USB input is only for a USB stick. (Although there is an SD slot on the front, it's also possible to use an SD card in a USB adapter connected to the USB input on the back.)

The downside is that its interface is primitive. You have to push the buttons and manually select things. (But you can play entire albums and folders in addition to going through the menus and selecting individual tracks.) I think the stellar sound is worth the inconvenience.

This one is black. It still has the screen protector and comes with the original packaging.

There are imperfections on the faceplate as a result of touching it. (Even though I was always gentle, human skin contains oils.) Aside from that, it is still like new. (The streaks on the chassis are just from when I cleaned it with water. The white dots are particles from paper towels.)

I may be willing to ship internationally if you cover the shipping cost. (The voltage is currently set to 115V, but it can be set to 230V with the switch on the bottom.)

I could be interested in a trade for headphones, an amp or a DAC if you are in the US and add cash on your end. (Or at least cover all the shipping costs.)

It did not come with a stock power cable, but I can include a basic one that's thicker than typical. (Unless you already have one you'd prefer to use.)

In addition to being able to use whatever power cable and digital cable you like, you can upgrade the 2A 250V fuse.

For more info:

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