Closed: MrSpeakers/DCA Ether Flow 1.1
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Includes: Ether Flows, OG and 1.1 tuning pads/inserts, spare parts, DCA certificate of authenticity, 1/4" and 4 pin XLR DUMMER cables, carrying case, and original box. CONUS shipping and PayPal G&S Fees are included.

Looking to sell a pair of Mr. Speakers/DCA Ether Flows with the 1.1 tuning that I have not used in a bit. I am the second owner of these headphones which I purchased from AVExchange last year. The Ether Flows are in good condition but there is a scuff near the bottom of the right earcup near the mini XLR connector, which is shown in the timestamp. Included are the Ether Flow 1.1 tuning pads/foam and the original Ether Flow tuning pads/foam, two cables - a 1/4" DUMMER Cable and a 4 Pin XLR DUMMER Cable, the original box, carrying case, accessories, certificate of authenticity, and a used set of pads from the previous owner. The headphones were used in a smoke-free environment, although I have a dog so trace amounts of dog hair may be included. My asking price is negotiable and I would be interested in trades towards a pair of ZMF Atriums, ZMF Verites, or HD800/HD8XX, Focal Clear MG, or copper Meze Empyreans with Paypal added on my end to make up the difference. Thank you for looking!

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Listed: 2023-08-06
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