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Highly regarded Planar Magnetic headphone..... I I am 2nd owner, to try again to hear what the fuss is about with Planar Magnetics but I've reluctantly decided my 20-yr old Denon AH-D5000 are preferable to my old ears.

(NOTE: I think they only include the extra ear pads in USA, or maybe that's only recently they have started including them - they can be purchased separately from various dealers.)

Very lush and smooth sounding, deep tight bass, very easy to drive - work very nicely out of my android phone too.

They are very light on the ear - especially compared to other Planar Magnetics, at 290grams they are less than half weight of equivalent Audeze and Hifiman models, in fact they are lighter than my most comfortable Grade GS-1000e.

They are in pristine as-new condition, boxed with protective travel case, original standard ear pads, and two cables - 2m with a 3.25mm jack and 6.25mm adapter, and a 3m 4-pole XLR balanced cable.

£1100 incl RSMD in UK for a quick sale..... these cost £2070 new!

As usual, the flash highlights any specs of dust!
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Listed: 2023-08-20
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100+ Head-Fier


100+ Head-Fier
reduced to £1000 UKP.


100+ Head-Fier
£950 ono


100+ Head-Fier
£900. P/X from dealer will be as good.