Closed: Monolith THX 788 DAC/AMP
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This unit served me well for quite a long time, but I'm looking to finally let it go now that I've transitioned to my endgame. All original packaging and accessories are included, and the unit itself is in excellent condition.
Listed by: Polypterus (3)
Listed: 2022-06-20
Last edited: 2022-07-23
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New Head-Fier
What is your endgame if you don't mind my asking?
I was using this as just a dac for my verite closed and modded bottlehead crack for a while during my search for an endgame dac. I was initially looking at a bifrost or a gugnir, but I found an old angstrom 200 and decided to give that a shot, and I ended up liking it a lot more than the monolith. More dynamics, better decay, better "in the room" feeling, and maybe a touch more detail, but it's hard to say with that one though due to the difference in presentation.


New Head-Fier
This is my favorite amp. Hidden feature is that both front analogue outputs can be used at the same time.