Closed: Modified Shanling M30 + 2 amp modules
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Please read descriptions throughly. Working perfectly and even better than stock.

For sale is my Shanling M30 semi transportable desktop solution. It is a one top solution to bring with you anywhere you want. You can play with external HDD, SDD. I am selling it because I no longer need a semi portable desktop solution anymore. I have made peace with my compromises to either fully compromise and go for DAP alone or no compromises when I reach for my desktop solution. On top of that, I need to free up some fund. So my losses is your gain

What is included ?

A modified Shanling M30 with it stock suitcase, rarely used. And AM2 new amp module or Amp Module 2 and stock original AM1 module. All modifications performed by me.

What is upgraded ?

Every internal wires are upgraded to direct solder solid silver wires of 26Awg and 99.999% purity for the main mother board (no more snaps in cheap connectors and OFC cables) . That is front phones out toward the main mother board, which benefits all of the phones out in the front. Then the XLR balanced out for Line out is also done similarly with shielding by braided OFC tin plated copper. The main motherboard is upgraded, so you will always benefit with any future modules that will be released.

Amp module 1 or AM1 is also modified for better staging, dynamic, imaging, slightly more neutral than stock and reaching deeper bass. It includes Sprauge Electrolytic capacitors, Elna Silmic II capacitors and KEMET Ultra capacitors upgrades of 10x more capabilities.

Battery modules have VC5 Sony 18650 cells replaced instead of the stock Panasonic cells. Also providing a slightly more airiness and neutral than stock sound signatures.

AM2 module is not modified and as stock as it comes.

Does not come with laptop stand

The conditions is Good aesthetically, no noticeable scratches that I have seen, except one minor one for the front volume wheel as pictured (hardly visible).

Performances are better than stock and is the only unit in the world to receive this modifications . You are getting an incredible values with free modifications.

Shipping will be done at the user expenses and all exports/import fees are at the user expenses as well for international shipments.

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Listed: 2022-04-26
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