Sold: Modified Beyerdynamic DT770 Studio 80ohm, improved
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Selling a pair of lightly used but enjoyed Beyer DT770 Studio 80ohm. Listed as good because they are not original factory otherwise would be listed as excellent. These have been modified/rewired, original perfect drivers, installed audeze style xlr jacks. Includes hand braided (8 braids 6N copper) stranded single ended cable (Neutrik connectors) although could be used with a balanced cable as well. Also includes a comfortable pilot pad (aftermarket from ZMF). Very comfortable HP with excellent bass, clear but slightly less bright (as compared to stock) treble. Take the adventure! :) Also are fitted with a new pair (although they attract dust like crazy!) of Dekoni memory foam velour pads. No longer have stock pads. Thanks for looking.

Pay via paypal, will ship to lower 48 included in price. The pads, cable, upgraded jacks and wiring, as well as pilot pad make this a very nice pair of DT770's.
Listed by: Tedman (20)
Listed: 2021-04-11
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