Sold: Mjolnir Audio Pure Bipolar Amplifier 115V SN018
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For sale is the Mjolnir Audio Pure Bipolar amplifier, serial number 18. This is a powerful solid-state amplifier built by spritzer that currently costs $2200 to buy new. I bought it from this listing in January. It's in excellent condition overall. The only thing to note is that it makes a slight crackling sound in the headphones when turning the volume knob. It's done this since I got it and it hasn't been a problem at all—it's dead silent otherwise. I'll include a pair of RCA to XLR adapters for free.

Here's a description from spritzer's website:
Here is something I’ve been working on for a while, the Pure BiPolar or Dynalo Mk2. The Dynalo circuit has been used in a lot of amps over the years but as parts have been obsolete it was time to finally update it. The biggest difference is the input stage which is now “super symmetry” as Nelson Pass called it but it means it can take a single ended signal (RCA) and converts it to balanced without any extra circuitry. That’s why the amp has only one balanced output socket, it is always balanced. Other changes are higher rail voltages and higher Class A bias for more power. To power the amplifier modules it has my own version of the ultra stable GRLV (Gold Reference Low Voltage) power supply which is just about the best power supply we can design fed by an oversized transformer. The end result of this is one of the best dynamic amps we’ve ever designed. It’s highly transparent and able to cope with even the most demanding loads.

I'm looking for $1000 USD, shipped and PayPal'd. US only for now.

Thanks for looking and let me know if you have any questions!

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Listed: 2021-08-21
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100+ Head-Fier
He makes amazing DIYs, this could be a good try out for those who rocks the balance headphone cables. I use electrostatics myself.