Closed: Mint Condition Headamp GS-X Mini (Matte Black Faceplate) (Opt Extras)
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Here for sale is a like-new condition Headamp GS-X Mini including all original packaging.

Justin really sold me on this amp and it has treated me extremely well since December 2020. I have used it with great care to power a pair of Diana Phi, and the sonic bliss has been unparalleled. It adds a subtle, rich, lush, harmonic flare across the sonic spectrum coupled with a midnight-black background and crystal clear imaging; an absolutely stellar piece of gear.

It has been fed almost exclusively by a Hugo 2. As a life milestone celebration, I am upgrading from this paring to a Chord TT2 thanks to my family's financial assistance.

Price does not include PayPal fees and/or shipping - please note it is a pretty beefy amp but not impossible to ship. Local pickup preferred in North Etobicoke, ON, and arrangeable in Waterloo, ON. Only trade interest is for an impressive power amplifier, otherwise am only looking for cash/etransfer/PayPal.

Willing to include a Gutwire G Clef power cable for an extra $200 CAD - it is a clearly audible improvement over the stock power cable and adds a touch more tightness and depth to the low frequencies while opening up the soundstage just a little bit. Absolutely worth the money, and I'm more than happy to keep it for future gear if it doesn't sell with the amp. I haven't used the amp without it in months.

Hope you're all keeping well and enjoying our returning social freedoms,
- Ty

PS. Being the avid and skilled tinkerer I am, I have received written permission from Justin to mod the amplifier for an extra 30-50% output power while maintaining the complete original warranty. Though I have not yet performed this modification, I am more than happy to make this happen given some compensation for skilled and warranty-covered labour. At this time, this is only applicable to this specific unit for sale.

Sale includes:
- GS-X Mini (w/ black faceplate)
- Original power cable
- Original packaging (not pictured)
- Optional (extra cost) Gutwire G Clef power cable
- Optional extra-high-turbo-output-wattage mod
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Listed: 2021-07-15
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