Sold: MINT 3m Dana Cable Lazuli Nirvana 4-pin XLR cable for Audeze/ZMF/Kennerton
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Do you REALLY like headphone cables of the highest craftsmanship? Cables forged by dwarven smiths trained at the feet of Vulcan, god of fire and forge, himself? If so, this cable may be for you.

Selling a mint condition brown, 3m (~10 ft) Lazuli Nirvana AD cable with 4-pin XLR amp side termination compatible with Audeze, ZMF, and Kennerton headphones with mini-XLR connectors (retails for ~$4500).

Received as part of a larger purchase and have decided to sell to free up funds.

Price includes carrying case, manufacturer paperwork. PP fees, and tracked shipping within CONUS.

Thank you for your interest.
Listed by: ardbeg1975 (76)
Listed: 2023-08-24
Last edited: 2023-09-06
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100+ Head-Fier
Putting Reans on a cable you (Danacable) plan to sell for $4500 should be a crime. GLWS