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Hi everyone,

For sale are is a lightly used pair of Meze Elites with original pelican-case type enlosure and stock 3.5mm cable that I purchased from Audio46 earlier this year. They are in very good condition (edit - see pictures for one thin, ~1cm scratch on headphones and one 2" surface scratch on case that I found. My apologies if I missed any.) and have minimal use.

Having owned top-end headphones like the RAAL Requisite and Focal Utopia, I can say that these are right up there and stand out in how effortlessly natural and detailed they sound. You can drive them to great success with a wide range of sources, but they do of course scale nicely.

Also available for purchase are the headphone stand and two 5' 3.5mm upgrade cables I had made (will link Head-Fi classifieds posts here soon):

Recently had some new expenses come up and this nice tech needs to find a new home. Lots of positive feedback here:

Payment would be via PayPal Goods and Services + Shipping via USPS Priority with Insurance (happy to split the cost for both).

Thank you!

Added higher detail of headphones. From what I could find, other than a ~1, 1cm thin scratch on the left earcup, they look excellent. Both right and left earcups included for reference. Case has a ~2.5" surface scratch on the front that is most visible when the light is at certain angles:

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Sale pending, but to answer questions - @elgato4711 yes, the headphones do come with the stock cables and @bamboo5354 new images posted, from what I could find, there is only one ~1cm scratch on the right earphone and a 2" surface scratch on the headphone "suitcase" box.