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Non-Oversampling DAC. Made in Switzerland,

I bought this a month ago and I'm the first user. It comes with original packaging and power supply. It has a smooth but still revealing sound sig. I've used it with my Flux Labs FA-12s amp and ZMF Eikon and RAD-0 headphones. Selling because I'm buying (again) a Soekris 2541 for an AIO.

The Frerot DAC from Merason is the little brother of the $5000 DAC-1, with the same design philosophy and house sound. Like it's sibling, the Frerot is a non-oversampling, discreet circuitry DAC. It differs from the DAC-1 in that incorporates a single Texas Instruments (formerly Burr Brown) 1794A DAC chip, and an external wall wart style switching power supply.

I paid $1250.00 new, selling it for $1000.00 or make offer. Thanks for looking.
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