Sold: Matrix Mini-i Pro 3 - streamer/DAC/amp
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Sold off the amp (ecp DSHA-3F) and phones (Focal Clear) I used with this; moving away from headphones to more speaker-based listening. Decided to simplify even more, using a Pi-based streamer now, don't need the fidelity I once did for what is now just casual listening.

Bought this as a demo in December 2021 from Moon Audio ($950), so passing on a good deal to the next person who would like it.

Note: when I first got it I had to reboot/restart this to get it fully started but it's played fine since. Just wanted to be full open on that. Only used it as a Roon endpoint, but briefly tested it as a DAC as well.

My price includes ConUS shipping (US sale only please) and PayPal fees. Not interested in trades at this point.


Todd - skullguise
Listed by: skullguise (103)
Listed: 2022-03-31
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