Sold: *last change* Bundle: Audioquest NightHawk+NightOwl
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Selling NightHawk and NightOwls as a bundle. Thing is that nightowl has one busted driver. Good news is that you can remove the baffle that holds the driver and connector from nightowl and put it in nightowl. No soldering needed. All it it takes is removing and attaching four screws to set up which ever headphone you prefer.

On NightHawk strap mechanism doesnt stay put because it's worn at the tip. See picture. It can be used though and should be easy to fix.

So here is a change for audioquest fan to stock up on accessories or just try out which models you prefer.

If price seems high, please shoot me an offer! This is a weird bundle so I had difficulties putting a price tag on it.

Listed by: Roderick (33)
Listed: 2022-12-16
Last edited: 2023-01-01
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Headphoneus Supremus
The new owner can send to audioquest as they still service nighthawk/nightowls :)
Thats good info! If they have spare drivers it should be an easy fix. Driver on Nightowl was fried by a faulty amplifier so there is nothing else that needs to be worked on. Would be also be easy fix for anyone with soldering skills if Audioquest could provide a spare driver.


Headphoneus Supremus
Final Price drop. I have some offers and I will take on one of those If no More offers are presented. Meanwhile looking for 205€ shipping included in EU.
Good morning
1. Where can I see/pick up these headphones?
2. Did I understand correctly, Nightawk is fully functional except for the damaged strap, while Nightowl is defective right or left speaker in the handset?
3. What is the general condition of these headphones, because these damages prove a very strong and long-term use of them with little respect Wlodek