Sold: Klipsch X11, Tips, Jaybird X3s
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Klipsch X11s in good condition with a replaced 3.5 mm jack since the original was failing at some point. Just listened to these briefly and they still sound quite good for a single BA - nice and smooth signature with good isolation. Great for people with small ears. It will come with a third party case.

Various small core foam tips to go along with the X11s - some crystal tips, no-name tips, and comply P series 100. Also throwing in a set of large spiral dots (old ones).

Also 2 Jaybird X3s in good condition. Will come with 1 charger. Will not come with any tips so you'll have to secure those yourself - though the spiral dots should fit on them.

I'm cleaning out my old stuff which I don't use anymore. Figured someone else can use these instead of me throwing them away.

$30 shipped (USA only) for everything (basically just to cover shipping + small amount of my time).
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Listed: 2021-04-10
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