Sold: IMR EDP Ace (Planar hybrid + DD + Bone Conduction) FINAL PRICE
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Up for sale is this spectacular hybrid IEM from IMR with a 10mm planar magnetic driver + 10mm Ultra wide band CNT ADLC dynamic driver + bone conduction motor. This is a limited build that is sold out since a long time ago
The IEM is in NEW condition and has only been used for a couple of hours. Unfortunately, I can't get a good fit in my small ears, reason why I'm selling it with a lot of regret because I have been waiting for it for months
Like all IMR IEMs, it is easily to customize the sound to your liking thanks nozzles and dampers included in the package. Also included are: 2.5, 3.5 and 4mm cables of excellent quality

This is my final price, otherwise I will keep it. It does not include shipping or PP. I am based in Belgium

From IMR:
We have chosen to swap out the previous 9mm dynamic and replace with our 10mm carbon nanotube ADLC dynamic driver due to its ability to offer a wider presentation and increased bass & midrange/vocal abilities. By doing this we don't alter the original recipe too much but give the EDP ACE some added abilities. Combine this with our 10mm precision planar and your have a monitor that cannot be beaten at this price point.

Detail retrieval is spectacular with holographic instrument placement. Vocals are supremely present but never overpowering. Midrange is hugely engaging and with no bleed from the lower registers messing with the midrange sound. Bass is fast, precise while still retaining that IMR fun. Treble is crisp and precise without being harsh.

A sonion bone conduction motor has also been added to increase the levels of detail and place all those hidden detail into the musical mix.

Bass is more organic and presented with more dynamic vigour and staging increases vastly with a just south of a star field presentation.
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Listed: 2022-10-25
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