Sold: iBasso DX312EX (Whitigirs Mod) +Amp11mk1
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On sale is the ibasso current flagship DAP DX300.

This unit, apart from stock amp 11 mk1 amp card, comes with the Amp 12 EX made personally by the original and most regarded EX mod creator Whitigir.
This amp mod is currently unavailable to be made as the parts needed are not obtainable.

The improvements the amp12EX brings are simply outstanding as one can see by Impressions posted on the dx300 forum by the users who were able to get it.
My own impressions can be found here:

The unit is further customized by special gold coating applied on the amp faceplate matching the golden volume knob.

It also comes with both leather cases , the black case that comes with amp 12, and the stock one that has been dyed in black leather paint.
All other stock accessories come in the box unused.

In my personal findings the DX312EX presents astonishing sound quality far surpasing the price bracket it belongs to and the only reason for sale is a my circumstancial financial need.

This custumized unit is a great opportunity to get unique and rare DAP configuration with sound quality that is simply staggering for the price.

The price of 999 euros includes shipping EU wise but NOT transfer fees.

*The price and only selling option is for the DAP and amp12EX together*

Thank you

More pictures to follow.
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Listed: 2022-04-16
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