Sold: Ibasso Amp12W (Whitigir Mod)
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Up for sale is the modded Amp 12 amp card for Ibasso dx300 line of DAPs.

The amp is modded by the well known modders and head fi member Whitigirs recipe he calls the "W mod".

It is flawlessly performed using silver solder as shown in the picture below.

The sound description in comparison to the stock amp 12 can be found here.

To summarize, the modd adds details , dynamic intensity, more open soundstage and thighter low end in comparison with the un-modded stock amp 12.

It is the black varient , fully burned in and being sold with all the components that come with the Amp 12 package.

Shipping worldwide is on my expense , PP fees on the buyers.

Thank you ! :)
Listed by: NaittsirK (12)
Listed: 2022-01-06
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