Sold: Hifiman Arya V2 - like New, trade for HD800S, ZMF Auteur, DCA AEON Noire, Sony IER-Z1R
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For Sale / Trade  850.00 EUR
Excellent/Like new
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Bought these 3 months ago from a fellow audiophile in new condition who didn't like the fit. Note: I do not have the receipt from the original buyer.
Burned them in for about 150 hours and used them for less than 10 hours, but despite the excellent separation, clarity and detail I found out that I simply prefer the warmer dynamic driver sound from my Focal Clears.

Would be interested in trade for a Sennheiser HD800S, ZMF Auteur, DCA AEON Noire (to be negotiated), Sony IER-Z1R or 64Audio U12T
Any of these need to be in excellent condition

Shipping included
Paypal on the buyer

Listed by: surfgeorge (13)
Listed: 2022-03-14
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