Sold: Geshelli Labs J2 DAC with Purple Heart Casing and USB
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Geshelli Labs JNOG2 [J2] DAC in like new condition. Includes all original packaging, 12v power supply, USB cable, manual, stickers, rubber feet attachments, etc.

Product information here:

Features 1 USB input, 2 coaxial inputs, 2 optical inputs, RCA single ended and XLR balanced outputs. Has multiple gain settings to tailor to fit with different headphone amplifiers and switchable color LEDs to customize to your taste.

This features the custom hand-crafted Purple Heart wooden casing option ($69.99 upgrade) and the Amanero USB module ($50 upgrade) with smoke color plexi panels. Besides sounding great, this custom model with these options looks amazing.

This is the newer ESS Technology ES9038Q2M DAC chip version of the J2, which according to Geno at Geshelli, does not run as hot as the original ESS chip (ES9026) in the classic J2, but performs very similarly in terms of sound.

This DAC has received stellar reviews from users and reviewers like Passion for Sound, cheapaudioman, Z Reviews, etc.

Currently, Geshelli Labs is filling back orders so you have to wait several weeks to get any of their products if you were to place an order now.

This version with the Amanero USB module and Purple Heart wood casing would cost $370 from Geshelli Labs.

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Listed: 2022-11-13
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