Sold: Funkwerk RFT EL84 foil disc getter
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Pendant owners and others who need EL84 power tubes, EZ81 rectifiers and/or 12A-7 type input tubes, I'll be posting a few ads up here for tubes. Feel free to PM me if you're interested in more than one and we can work out a deal. All these tubes are in great condition, sound amazing and in a few cases pretty rare. I don't have a tester, all I can vouch for is they sound sublime (no noise, perfectly balanced with each their unique sound signature) and will give an estimate on hours used.

I have a pretty healthy supply of tubes I've accumulated since getting the Pendant so many of these tubes have seen limited usage in my possession as I rotate a lot, and honestly, I've found my holy grail combo (GEC U709, Telefunken G73-R and Valvo EL84) a while back and these for sale haven't seen much, if any, usage since then.

On deck, a super rare Funkwerk/RFT EL84 foil disc getter pair from the 50s. I estimate these have around 400 hours on them or so (just dbl checked my notes) so 75-80% life left presumably. Still sound as good as when I received them. Physically in fantastic condition. These are RARE. Honestly have never seen these come up used in the last year or so since I've been looking. As they have been used, will let them go for $70. Shipping a flat $10. PP accepted.

Again, if any other tubes I'm selling catch your eye, we can definitely bulk package and save money there.

I have perfect feedback here, USAM, Audiogon and ebay. Thanks for looking and be sure to check out my other ads!

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Listed: 2023-08-12
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