Sold: (FS) Waversa Mini HPA Mk 2 DAC/Amp/Pre/Streamer
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Selling my versatile and great-sounding unit.....had set it up in the bedroom for Roon/Headphone listening, but my wife doesn't "appreciate" me listening in the BR, even on closed phones. :smile:

Unit is quite unique, read about it on the product page. I only ever used it as a Roon Endpoint to drive phones (Oppo PM-3 with balanced cable). But it can do SO much more. It can also stream using any DLNA-enabled SW client (mConnect, etc.).

It uses ESS9018-based DAC, but - like few other DAC's I'd heard, including the Ayre Codex - really implements it well. It is chalk full of other technology (custom upgradable FPGA SW, powerful headphone amp, custom audio processing, etc.), again read the product page for more.

Unit has a couple very small marks, see top pic for example.

The Waversa name and equipment may not as well known in US, but the tech and sound is great; I also own their WSLIM all-in-one unit for Roon streaming and speaker-based listening. And John @ Kevalin Audio is great to deal with, very helpful.

My asking price includes ConUS shipping (US sale only please) and PayPal fees.

BTW, if you're interested in a deal with the Oppo PM-3 headphones I used with this, let me know.


Todd - skullguise

EDIT (8-Oct) - I had someone ping me to see if it will run TIDAL without Roon. The answer is yes, other SW that can stream to DLNA endpoint (mConnect is an example) would work
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Headphoneus Supremus
Did you try it with IEMs?


Headphoneus Supremus
Sorry, just saw this....didn't try with IEM's, with rare exception I can't use them (narrow ear canals and tough fit).....